Von Dutch Whore

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25 February
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Whats up buttercup? LOL Just figured I'd Put some stuff in here.. A little about me; I'm happy somedays, sad the others. Stressed out a lot, but I dont usually show it ;] You might find my entries boring, or you might become an addict. Kandi's Got me addicted to my wonderful El Jay, Let it Own you, she says. LOL not control you, right Bambi? Anyways Lyrics below, enjoy the Show ;D

and and and and !!! Joe loves me !! look ^_^
this fansign was brought to you in part by the letter "J" ... and "O" ... and "E"... :D

......... oh and the number 8

Linds loves me too! Squeeeeeeeeee. <3 Wifey <3